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Colors and Trims

Where the Fun Begins – Pick a Color!

Colors are notoriously difficult to display correctly in the digital world. For now we are simply going to list the possible base colors. You will see all of them if you browse the collar sample images here and at our Etsy shop and our Facebook page.

Base collar colors are:

  • Black
  • Purple, Light Purple
  • Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Century Blue, Electric Blue, Jade Blue
  • Forest Green, Emerald Green, Apple Green, Olive Green
  • Red, Burgundy, Shocking Pink
  • Brown

Add a Trim

We have a lot of trims, some wide (more than 1.5″) and some narrow (up to 1.5″), so we have them divided into two galleries. Let’s start with the wide trims and then move on to the narrow trims.

Wide Trims

The collars on Instagram – click through for a lot of examples of what you can have.