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Dog Collars

Dog Collars from Sirius

Welcome to Sirius – home of handcrafted collars for hounds of all sizes.

We will direct you to our Etsy store for all orders. Even with the store we will need additional information from you to make your custom collar exactly the way it needs to be. The store is SiriusAdorned




One thing that can cause serious delays is mis-measured collars, which given our low volume and the amount of time spent on each collar significantly slows production. Even though we have always had a disclaimer on our measuring instructions page, it has been our policy to accept the return of collars that have not been measured correctly, and make a new collar to the correct size at no extra charge. That will continue to be our policy. However, since all of the collars ordered on this web site are made to order, we are getting quite a collection of collars that just didn’t fit. We do have ways to make them go away given enough time, but it would be easier for everyone if the measurements were correct to start out with. To that end, I will probably be nagging everyone who orders to measure two or three times, and then ask “Are you sure?” again just for good measure. If you have questions after reading the Measuring page, please feel free to ask.

About Our Collars

Our cloth collars, regardless of size or color, are all made on the same basic pattern. While initially designed for sighthounds, these collars work well for all breeds of dogs. They are a style of slip collar and work in the same manner as a choke chain. Long-wearing fabric is used for the body of the collar with heavy reinforcement fabric on the inside for added strength. The ends are tapered to allow the rings to slide smoothly. These collars are 2 1/4 inches wide. A limited selection of colors is available in 1 ½ inch width.

Once the important things are taken care of, the pretty part can be addressed. Fancy trims are added to the foundation collar. Bright colors, subtle colors, the glitter of gold and silver. Brass bells to say “Here I am” and swaying tassels. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

With a little care your cloth collar should remain beautiful for a long time. If it gets soiled, hand wash it in a mild detergent or soap. Like slip collars of any kind, the cloth collars should not be left on an unattended dog.

Go to our descriptive pages to see a sampling of our cloth collars. Once you decide on the basic collar you want, go to the Colors and Trims page to choose the color and trim for your collar.


Now, for the fine print:

  • These collars are made for walking. It is not safe to leave you dog unattended in any choke-type or martingale collar.
  • The trims that adorn each of these collars are fine fabric and should be treated accordingly. Most trims will not withstand scratching or the teeth of their wearer’s companions. Of course since they are not worn attended, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. If you need are tougher trim, ask me and I’ll point you to some of the heavier tapestry-type trims. Wear and tear, regardless of when or how it happens, is not grounds for return or replacement of the collar.