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Welcome to Sirius!

Art and adornments for you, your hound, and your home. First there were dog collars. Then there were art quilts. Finally, there was glass. Where does it end? Only time will tell, Until time tells, please feel free to look around. Hound collars are the focus at this point in time. More will be coming soon.

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Dog Collars

We are committed to making high-quality, handcrafted dog collars that will last many years given reasonable care. We started making cloth at the request of people in search of a well-made, sighthound-type collar that was a little out of the ordinary. People who don’t have sighthounds started requesting our collars and the website was born.

Our collar making philosophy is simple. First it has to be well made and safe. Then it can be pretty.  After years of experience making custom horse equipment it was just common sense to carry over the techniques and principles practiced in that area into our dog collars. For example, we use only solid cast brass hardware, not split or welded steel. Our cloth collars are sewn by machine using premium threads and reinforced at stress points.